Solar Eclipse 8/21/17, Mini-Rally

The full and rare solar eclipse of 8/21/17 is a must see.

We will be gathering at Longhorn Ranch and RV in Dubois, Wyoming.  This will be one of many ground zero locations for the total black out.  As of this posting there are already about a dozen of us LOA'ers confirmed.

The park is not officially taking reservations on their website yet as it is too far out.  They said they would start 5/1/16 with the online signup.  By this time it maybe too late and already booked.  They said they are getting full now.  To reserve your spot in advance email them and tell them your intended arrival and departure.  They will email/call you back towards 5/16 asking for CC info to pay.

The rally dates are 8/19/17 - 8/23/17.  Folks are going onto other Yellow Stone and Glacier excursions after and before the rally as that part of the country is a goldmine of scenic places. This is a "mini-rally" as they do not have a group area and the park could fill up kinda quick.

Here is an interactive map of the eclipse:

This is the path of the eclipse:

Go to the info and discussion page to learn more and see what your fellow LOA'ers are saying about the eclipse and their plans.

Happy sun staring.

** Update: As of 2/17/16 Longhorn is full.  So I've started a waiting list for any cancellations.  The park will let me know if anything opens up.

 LOA Attendance so far.

  1. Fizbin ~ Chris, Janet, Nicole
  2. Timsr ~ Tim & Sue
  3. Sequoia464 ~ Ron Glasspoole
  4. Gscott ~ Giles and Judy
  5. R&V Spiker ~ Randy & Vivian
  6. Jameshb ~ Jim & Jen
  7. Joz ~ Mark & Sara
  8. DavidG ~ David & Pamela
  9. Rbrotsky ~ Russ & Roxie
Original Post

I spoke with Longhorn yesterday and they said we can submit a waiting list with them but there is another rally with 8 people on that waiting list.  Since that list came in first, those 8 spots would have to be offered first to them, then our list would kick in. Kind of a bummer but sounds fair.

So PM me your name and Phone # and I will send it in to them.  They also said you can check the website frequently for openings and you may be able to grab a sight before they offer it to one of the 8 on the other list.

Also, if you haven't paid them for your reservation, you can (should) do that now, they are taking the monetary deposits.  They never did call me to ask for this, as they said they would, so I was a bit nervous hoping that they didn't forget me.  It would have sucked missing out on the very rally I started. 

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