Official Thread - Flying Flags Rally - Nov 10-13th 2017 Buellton, CA

Reservations are open:

(877) 783-5247  or
(805) 688-3716

Try the local number first

I am the TrailMaster and the anchor spot will be site #60 in the Jalama section.  You'll either make reservations online or by calling.  Please tell them you're in the Lauren Jensen party (LOA)  If you make reservations online, there is a remarks or comment section, there is the spot to ask to be with the Lauren Jensen party.  The other streets on that hub are called:  Kalyra, IO,Huber, Gainey, Firestone.  There is also Country Coach, and Discovery

Again, the anchor spot is #60

The rate I paid was $234.00 and I gave them a $89.68 deposit.
The street address for the park is:
180 Avenue of the Flags
Buellton, CA 93247

The whole area is beautiful with many thing to do for day trips, wine tasting, Los Olivos and the entire Santa Ynez valley (more than 15 wineries within 15 miles if the resort.  The famous Andersen's Split Pea soup restaurant and gift shop is right down the road from the resort.  There is also golfing if that's your thing!

Here is the Flying Flags Website

There is a General Store and a Café there.  The quaint village of Solvang is just a stones throw away.  Avila Beach also beckons.

Activities Near Flying Flags

And of course, just sitting around camp, enjoying each others company, showing off mods, I am planning on a buffet (you bring a covered dish) for 1 night (probably Saturday)

More to come!



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This is the current list of attendees that I have:

1)  Me & the Portable Hovel
2)  Zoe
3)  Sequoia464 (Ron & Tina)
4)  Frank & Susan (Frank2285)
5)  Bonnie & Ron (WestNest) 
6)  Tim & Lynda
7)  HawkerTech  (Sharon & Keith)
8)  RedtailCruiser
9)  Randy & Viv Spiker
10)  Mike & Joanne (Sealyin)
11)  Harriet (FPMTNGAL)
12)  NutMan (Linda & Larry)
13)  Bob & Robin & their awesome 2375
14)  Tom & Wendy
15)  MichaelM & Joni
16)  Giles & Judy (GScott)
17)  Logboy (Roger and his spotted pet!!)
18)  Gary (PauHana & his SPAM)
19)  Kevin D (Kevin & Carol
20)  FairJim (Jim & Donna)  Cancelled
21)  Hreniger (Carol & Hubby)
22)  Allan Jones
23)  Mike D (Mike & Deb)
24)  Skatepunk
25) Michael A
26) Don & Norma
27) Sally Lawrence
28) Scott & Kathleen

 This comes from my compiled list:

Here is what Flying Flags sent to me yesterday:

Below will be a list of reservation currently categorized under the group name of "Lance Owners of America".

  1. Harriet  (Nov 9-13)
  2. Bonnie West (Nov 9-13)
  3. Robert Spiker (Nov 9-13)
  4. Timothy Appier (Nov 9-13)
  5. Lauren Jensen (Nov 9-13)
  6. Bob Porter (Nov 9-13)
  7. Frank Logan (Nov 9-13)
  8. Michael O'Daniel (Nov 9-13)
  9. Michael Marasco (Nov 9-13)
  10. Larry Paukert (Nov 9-13)
  11. Giles Scott (Nov 9-13)
  12. Mike Dey (Nov 9-13)
  13. Carol Reniger (Nov 9-13)
  14. Ronald Glasspoole (Nov 9-13) [Has made 3 total reservations]
  15. Ronald Glasspoole (Nov 9-13)
  16. Ronald Glasspoole (Nov 9-13)
  17. Michael Klappes (Nov 9-13)
  18. Helen J Shaw (Nov 9-13)

    OK, so we have a large gap!  I have 27 people on my list and Flying Flags has 18 (one person with 3 ressies)


Please look at both lists an confirm in the Discussion Lounge thread, as people can't add comments here!!

Thank you for your cooperation and such!


We should have 1 communal meal, and since the roll in date is on a Friday, I think the potluck should be held on Saturday (if anyone objects, please PM me)  This way we could possibly have leftovers. Instead of having to list each person's entrée, I will just assume that you've done a potluck before and know what to bring.  Your best, easiest dish!  Everyone should participate if possible!

Again, if anyone objects to Saturday PLEASE post in the DISCUSISON LOUNGE ongoing thread

Now, does anyone want to volunteer to bring several Tri-Tips (enough to feed 45 people)  I think we will be able to cook at a site, but just in case, will we have enough grills to line up to cook the Tri-Tip (please PM me if you want to volunteer to bring the Tri Tip, thanks)

**Giles has volunteered to bring 2 big Tri Tips and cook them on his grill!  YAY!!
Also Logboy can do a couple on his grill.  If anyone else want to volunteer for the other tri tips please speak up?  This way we will have leftovers for Sunday afternoon or Sunday dinner.  As the rally approaches, we will have a more in depth discussion about the Meat We will see whose site would be best to cook and serve at, once we get there.  Several of us will arrive a day early (the 9th) and this should be determined by then.Bring chairs to sit in, please and cutlery (plates, spoons, forks, a drinking vessel)

Does anyone have the ability to bring a large fold up table for the entrees?  I'm thinking that would be a good thing to have.

I think that's it in regards to the potluck.  If I missed anything, please PM me and let me know!


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